We work towards unraveling the molecular details of how biomedically-relevant enzymes function, how they are inhibited, how they develop drug resistance and towards developing drugs that will treat human disease by novel mechanisms of action.

In pursuit of these goals we use a combination of conventional and cutting-edge research tools, including protein biochemistry, molecular biology, fluorescence imaging/microscopy, macromolecular engineering, X-ray crystallography, molecular modeling, enzymology, and high-throughput technologies.

Our R01 competitive renewal grant application entitled “Development of HIV capsid-targeting antivirals that affect immune response by modulating capsid stability and have improved resistance profiles” was recently scored at 3%!!
Congratulations to graduate student Maria Cilento for her publication at Chemical Reviews (impact factor *54.3*)! “Avoiding Drug Resistance in HIV Reverse Transcriptase”.
Our Department of Pediatrics-1st Nationally in NIH funding!
Haian Fu, Stefan Sarafianos, and Dennis Liotta received SOM COVID-19 Catalyst I^3 Award for “Accelerated discovery of SARS-CoV-2 viral entry inhibitors”
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